Groundplane hat

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The Groundplane Hat was designed for supporting a M0KUD style Quarter Wave Groundplane Antenna.. I've used a 1/4 wave groundplane antenna inside my home for many years now and found that it is an easy solution for extending the effective range of an HT past what a rubber duck can provide. When constructed properly it as a light and effective for many bands that can be easily broken done for SOTA transport.

The limitation is that the solder joint between the pin and radiator is relatively weak and can break. The Groundplane Hat was designed to protect this vulnerable area of the antenna. The Groundplane Hat utilizes 8-32 bolts to pinch the radials between the Hat and the SO-239 connector. Another limitation is the difficulty in interfacing it with different mast solutions. Included with your Groundplane Hat is a bushing to allow you to securly fit a PL-259 inside of a 3/4" socket connecter.

Extruded from PLA, this is a light yet rugged solution for portable or indoor antennas. It is not intended for outdoor service but would be suitable for temporary camp installations.

Included is:

  1. (1) SO-239 Simple Support
  2. (1) PL-259 PVC Bushing
  3. (1) Pre-tapped SO-239 Connector
  4. (5) 8-32 x 9/16" Phillips Machine Screws

Additional SO-239 bases must be tapped for 8-32 screws. Amazon sells a drill and tap combination for about $10. You won't need the drill bit as the mounting holes on the SO-239 are perfectly sized for tapping to #8-32 screws.

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